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possible applikation

We are happy about your interest in the ROTOVENT® Technology.

If you have a feature fireplace, a cockle stove or any kind of wood stove you know the following problems:

Either it is impossible to make the fire burn, or smoke breaks into the living quarters and you are much busier aerating than enjoying the pleasant warmth. Moreover the exhaust gases are a serious health risk.

Often, the fire burns perfectly but the expensive combustible is exhausted immediately. Although the fire in the stove seems to burn quiet well there is an enormous loss of energy by the exhaust gases and the chimney. The temperatures of these exhaust gases are often about 300 degrees and more, which of course is very critical for the own energy balance and the environment nowadays.

In addition to this, oil-fired heating in apartments can interfere with the wind, sometimes actually blowing out the fire due to a wind gust.

These problems have been well-known for a long time (view menu item “worth knowing”) but unfortunately, up until recent times there was no simple and competitive solution for it.

However, these are just the apparent problems.

Every heating expert and environment technician knows that even if the fire in the stove seems to burn (more or less) perfectly, there may appear serious interferences with the burning and the exhaust gas caused by atmospheric influences.

The ROTOVENT®System can improve every heating in a simple, cheap and effective way


When the weather conditions are very windy the ROTOVENT® improves the flue in the chimney by either forcing it up or slowing it down. This rugged and constant flow of exhaust gases is one of the most critical criteria for an efficient burning and also well protected chimney.

The ROTOVENT® also acts as a protection against both rain and snow and last but not least as an effective spark catcher.

If you need expert advice whether a ROTOVENT® is a cost-efficient and practical solution for your heating problems just ask your chimney sweeper, a heating expert or a specialist from ROTOVENT® Systems.

Important Information:

A ROTOVENT® may have many advantages but cannot exchange neither an out-dated heater nor a broken-down chimney.

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